Fancy cats

Welcome to site of Scottish Fold and British Shorthair cats «Fancy cats».


Here you can find a purebred kitten for show and breeding as well as a family pet. On website there are photos of our best representatives of Scottish Fold, Scottish Straight, Highland fold, Highland Straight and British Shorthair breeds.

It is not a secret that cats bring their owners only the most positive emotions. These pets have the ability to heal many diseases and help to get over stress and depression. Therefore, the scientists decided to check in practice, what is the benefit of the cats.

It turned out that the matter is very simple. The owners of cats experiencing joy, feel calm and relaxed next to them. These emotions can relieve stress and normalize the functioning of the organism. That is a cat who act as a placebo!

So take a cat to our home and be healthy!

Enjoy your trip through our site!