Your visit to our site means you have decided to get a little fluffy miracle, a kitten that will become your friend for years to come!

British Shorthair. The very combination of words bears the strength and endurance,aristocracy, softness and inflexibility of character. British cats are sociable and communicative. Due to the independent nature of communicating with a person the cats keep dignity, they are always full of self-importance and will never tolerate familiarity. Moderately active, the British adapted to live in any size of house and modern apartments. They are very close to their owners, especially children. British cats easily get along with other pets.

Funny games of hulky teddy bears will not leave anyone fascinated

From early childhood the kittens learn to communicate with people, learn skills of worthy feline behavior.

In any house British kitten creates a cozy and good atmosphere. The British never stop to surprise, excite and delight their happy owners!

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