Your visit to our site means you are attracted by cats, these wonderful teddy bears that touch your soul by founding the way for playing, you are interested in fluffy creatures who have their own character, behavior and the ability to communicate with people.

Scottish Fold cat is undemanding, has a balanced character, a great fidelity and love to the house and the person. Most often, good food and a generous dose of love is the only requirement. Scottish cat is an ideal for those who like quiet animals with cute nice face.

Nowadays, Scottish Fold breed can be of four types:

Scottish Straight (Shorthair)

Scottish Fold

Highland Straight (Scottish long-hair)

Highland Fold (Fold Longhair).

Scottish Fold kittens are playful and very tame. They also can be trained, that’s why they often perform at exhibitions. Kittens easy learn how to scratch the mat so they do not make trouble for their owners. Families with children are advised to take kittens of 3-4 months old. This is the age of kitten when it is ready for independent social life.

Hopefully,on our site you will find a kitten who will become a new member of your family,who will bring joy, warmth and comfort to your life and fill it with new colors.

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