Ch.Damira Gr.In.Ch. MUSE VASILIY
SFS f 22 SFS 71 n 22


Date of kittens' birth - November 20, 2017

 Kittens are 1 year 11 months 27 days

name gender color code status
VIRGINIA female Black Blotched Tabby SFS n 22 left in the breeding
VESTA female Black Blotched Tabby TortoiseshellSFL f 22

sold (Seattle)

VINCENT male Blac kBlotched TabbySFS 71 n 22sold (Ivano-Frankivsk)
VIOLA female Вlue Blotched TabbySFS 71 a 22 sold (Kiev)
VILSON male CreamSFL e sold (Kiev)



 female - black blotched tabby  (SFL n 22)

 left in the breeding  


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 female - black blotched tabby tortoiseshell  (SFS f 22)

                                                                                      sold (Seattle, USA)   


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male - black blotched tabby  (SFS 71 n 22)

sold (Ivano-Frankivsk)  


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  female - blue blotched tabby  (SFS 71 a 22)

sold (Kiev) 


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male - cream (SFL e)

sold (Kiev) 


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  • On hold  - someone is interested in this kitten, but it is not reserved yet.
  • Reserved - - made monetary deposit* and kitten is no longer available.
  • For sale  - the kitten is available.
  • Under the supervision  - the status of the kitten will be announced later.

*ATTENTION!  If you made monetary deposit, and for whatever reason have not bought a kitten until it reaches 14 weeks old-the KITTEN is put AGAIN FOR SALE!
In such a case the monetary deposit will  NOT BE REFUNDED!

  • To reserve a kitten the Buyer makes a monetary deposit in amount of 30% - 50% of its value. In case of refusing to take a kitten from the Buyer side, the amount of monetary deposit is not refunded, and the kitten again is put up for sale.
  • Together with a kitten (when selling it after 3 months of age), the new owners will receive a veterinary passport with records of vaccination of a kitten.
  • All other expenses, including delivery, shall be paid by the Buyer.